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Dear Educators,
Thank you for your interest in FunChinaWorld.
This email is just to share the good news with you.

The application for getting FREE access to FunChinaWorld for students opens NOW for ALL schools, not just for the K-12 schools which are facing closure due to the COVID-19.
If you didn’t get FREE access for your students before June, this opportunity should not be missed.
Get FREE Access
What we provide for the FREE access:
  1. At least 30-days FREE use.
  2. FREE online training.
  3. EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT & EDUCATIONAL PLAN for your school or students in the Fall semester 2020.
  4. Response to your application within 24 hours.
For your convenience, below are some information you may concern.
  1. FREE ACCESS for Mandarin Chinese teachers: All Mandarin teachers can get free access via verifying the “Teacher Status” on FunChinaWorld.
  2. New users will get a 7-days free trial after successfully registering for an account, this applies to everyone who is interested in FunChinaWorld.
  3. About FunChinaWorld: The World’s first game-based learning platform for Chinese language and culture.
  4. Introduction Video: Learning Chinese in FunChinaWorld.
  5. Class & Assignment Management Features: Training video of how FunChinaWorld assists your teaching.
Friendly Reminder: If you already got free access for your students before June, this application is not available for you. We hope you will understand.
Hope you have a nice summer break and look forward to seeing you and students in this World (FunChinaWorld).

FunChinaWorld Team
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