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Privacy Policy

In delivering on FunChinaWorlds mission to foster a love of learning in learners worldwide, we are committed to protecting the privacy of our users and providing a safe, online environment for students, educators, and parentshereinafter calledusers”)to collaborate and advance learning.

This Privacy Policy applies to all products and services provided by FunLearnWorld Tech Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called "FunChinaWorld", "we", "us", or "our").

Table of Contents

1. Introduction of FunChinaWorld.. 2

2. The information we collect. 2

2.1 Information We Collect. 2

2.2 Automatically Collected Information..

3. Do we share data with third parties?. 3

4. Information visible to others within FunChinaWorlds Virtual world.. 4

5. View, modify, and delete information.. 5

6. Security.. 5

7. Compliance. 6


COPPA... 6

8. Changes and Updates to the Privacy Policy. 7

9. Contact Information.. 7


1. Introduction of FunChinaWorld

FunChinaWorld is a game-based online learning platform created by FunLearnWorld Tech Co., Ltd. The platform is designed for learning Chinese language and culture, which is used by students, parents and educators across the world.

2. The information we collect

FunChinaWorld collects information in order to provide an engaging education experience for users. We do not ask for or require users to provide personal information beyond that which is reasonably necessary to use FunChinaWorld.

2.1 Information We Collect

If a user registers to play FunChinaWorld, the information collected from the users account may include: name, email address, Birth year and month, location including countrygameplay data, referral data should users refer FunChinaWorld to other users, files to prove teachers role for free access to more content and features of the product (Teachers only), shipping and billing address (Teachers and Parents only with consent).


Collected information is used for the following purposes:

  • To allow users to play the game;
  • To improve the product and provide more suitable content;
  • To allow the teacher to manage students, enable class-related activities, such as content, assignments, and courses;
  • To allow teachers and parents to understand individual student performance;
  • For software support purposes;
  • For billing purposes;

2.2 Automatically Collected Information

In addition to information that users provide, FunChinaWorld (and our Service Providers or Analytics Services) may also collect certain information automatically while users are engaging with our Service in order to track trends, help us to improve our service, and provide a more customized experience to our users.


This automatically collected information includes but is not limited to: page views, links clicked, referral sources, city and country, browser information, cookies, and similar technologies.

3. Do we share data with third parties?

As a product trusted by educators, parents and students, FunChinaWorld is committed to never selling or leasing users personal information with third parties.


Prior to engaging into a relationship with a third-party service provider, FunChinaWorld will first review their privacy policies and ensure that these are compliant with those regulations that FunChinaWorld is adhering to and that they are aware that FunChinaWorld may be directed to children.


We value users privacy, and hence restrict sharing users data with third parties, except of the following circumstances:


Legal requirements - FunChinaWorld may share our users' information if we are legally obligated to do so to comply with the law. In these cases, we will disclose only the information that is deemed a legal necessity by the applicable law, to protect the rights and safety of our users.


Change of control - In the case that FunChinaWorld is acquired or merges with a third party, users data will still be protected as per the terms outlined in this Privacy Policy. In the case that FunChinaWorld goes out of business or files for bankruptcy, we will protect users personal information, and will not sell it to any third parties.


Consent - FunChinaWorld reserves the right to share users information with explicit consent, given on paper or electronic which grants FunChinaWorld specific authorization to collect, process and use the personal information stipulated in this Privacy Policy and to use such information in accordance with what is stipulated in this Privacy Policy. Users are further declaring that users are aware of the purpose for FunChinaWorld collecting, processing and using such information, how the processing will be conducted, how users privacy will be protected and that users are authorized to withdraw their consent.

4. Information visible to others within FunChinaWorlds Virtual world

Since FunChinaWorld is an online multiplayer learning platform, users can interact with others within our virtual world. However, we do take several precautions to ensure that any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is not available to the public or other players within FunChinaWorld's virtual world.

Information that is visible to other players within FunChinaWorld's virtual world includes:

Avatar names Students get to create a name for their avatars which is displayed to others in the FunChinaWorld, in order to protect the students real name.

Avatar profiles - A student's avatar's appearance, clothing, items, and key game statistics (e.g. level, coins, etc.) are available for other players to view in the game. This does not include any of the student's personal information.

Safe chat messages - Students have the ability to send safe chat messages to others within FunChinaWorld's virtual world. These messages can only be selected from a pre-specified list of Chinese phrases (e.g. "你好 Hello"), and hence, students are not able to disclose personal information such as their telephone numberor address. This also prevents students from sending offensive or inappropriate messages.


Safe group chat messages Students in school/organization version of FunChinaWorld can be grouped in a class setting with group chat functionality. The group can only be accessible to students managed by the teacher or school/organization.


5. View, modify, and delete information

Users can view and/or modify their information through password-protected FunChinaWorld account. The account may limit a user from modifying certain information, and in this case, we suggest contacting us, as we may be able to modify the information on the users behalf.

While we would be sad to see any user leave FunChinaWorld, users are able to request to delete their accounts at any time. In this case, we will delete their information from our systems, and will remove access from the account within 10 business days of usersrequest.

Please send a written request to:

6. Security

FunChinaWorld employs a variety of physical, administrative, and technological safeguards designed to protect personal information against loss, misuse, and unauthorized access or disclosure.

It should however be noted that 100% guarantee cannot be made due to constant advances in virus and hacking technology. FunChinaWorld can therefore not be held responsible for data loss or alteration.

7. Compliance


FERPA is an acronym for the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act, a US federal law to protect the privacy of student educational records. While this act is primarily directed towards educational institutions, FunChinaWorlds privacy policy is designed to secure student data in compliance with FERPA and to allow education institutions using FunChinaWorld to be compliant with FERPA.



COPPA is an acronym for the Child Online Privacy Protection Act, a US federal law to protect the privacy of children under the age of 13.


In accordance with COPPA, a child under 13 years old signs up for a FunChinaWorld account, we require the child to enter a parent or legal guardians email address so that an email can be sent to the parent or legal guardian seeking the consent for the student to engage with our services.


Under the licensing agreement between FunChinaWorld and the teachers using the FunChinaWorld software, the teachers are responsible for obtaining parental permission should it be required under COPPA. FunChinaWorld does provide information for teachers along with a sample parental permission document should they require one. Its available to certificated teachers.



8. Changes and Updates to the Privacy Policy

We are committed to keeping each users data private and secure, and as technology, privacy laws, and best practices evolve over time, we will do our best to keep this Privacy Policy up-to-date.


FunChinaWorld may, at its sole discretion, update, revise, modify and supplement this Privacy Policy from time to time. Should we make modifications to this policy or the related User Agreements, well post a notice that users will receive when they log in to the game and/or we will send an email to users telling the privacy policy is updated. FunChinaWorlds updated Privacy Policy and User Agreements will also be posted on FunChinaWorlds public facing website. FunChinaWorld asks users to review the updated Privacy Policy and/or User Agreements before continuing to use our services. If users do not accept the updated Privacy Policy, users can cancel their subscriptions by the Terms of Use. The users continued use of the services provided by FunChinaWorld after the updated Privacy Policy takes effect will constitute the users acceptance of the updated Privacy Policy.


9. Contact Information

FunChinaWorlds service to its users and users trust is of utmost importance to FunChinaWorld. If users have any questions about this Privacy Policy, users should contact FunChinaWorld team at: