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Let’s face the challenge of COVID-19

Dear Friends,
At FunChinaWorld, we’re most concerned about students and teachers. Caused by the outbreak of COVID-19, many schools are recently suspending on-campus classes. Therefore, as an online Chinese learning platform, we would like to do our part to help.
The schools or districts facing closures for preventative health-related reasons, with completing this application form, can get FULL access to FunChinaWorld for FREE. This will provide all students/teachers with unlimited content and the most engaging experience when learning Chinese online until May 2020, but we will happily extend this offer depends on the school situation.
1. Fill in the Application Form;
2. Enroll users (Download the Guide) and contact us at, and we’ll get you set up.
QUICK RESPONSE: We will go through your application within 24 hours.
FREE TRAINING: If you need an online training on how FunChinaWorld assists you and your students, we will be happy to run a webinar for you.
This offer is available to all K-12 schools. If you know other Chinese language programs, schools or districts that may need help, please feel free to forward this email to them. We also want to say “thank you” to the schools that have been our premium members, without whom this support won’t be possible.
If you want to try FunChinaWorld before getting the free access, please sign up now at We provide a 7-day free trial for new users.
Just for your convenience, below are more information about FunChinaWorld:
--About FunChinaWorld: A game-based online platform for learning the Chinese language and culture.
--Demo Video: Learn Chinese in the Most Engaging Game.
Together, we will overcome challenges.
Best wishes,
FunChinaWorld Team.
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